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Manera Surf foil box

Manera Surf foil box

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Surf Foil box features several compartments and protection flaps to protect a disassembled foil. Mast, front wing, stabilizer, screws & tools all have a specific room.

1Polyester 600D
2YKK zippers
3High-density foam

Sizes. 560 x 870MM 

Weight. 1.15KG 


Will fit up to 1800 Gravity Wing , and up to 75cm Mast .

Polyester 600D
Our bags are built in premium Polyester 600D, this is a choc, tearing, UV and water resistant material. It guarantees the best durability to our products.

YKK zippers
We use heavy-duty 8mm YKK zippers built in a high-quality plastic. It avoids any crack, corrosion, and allow a fluid run every time you open/close the bag.

Our bags are built in a choc, tearing, UV and water resistant material, for the best durability.

High-density foam
The FOIL BOX is built with a choc resistant high-density foam, which protects the foil effectively.

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