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Manera Halo Harness

Manera Halo Harness

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Halo Adaptive Kitesurfing Harness by Manera

The Halo is the product of a long research journey by Manera to reduce carbon footprint and provide a unique product that can be enjoyed by all types of riders. The Halo Harness embraces a unique Hardshell design with the combination of Adaptive Skin, resulting in a unique more responsive Kitesurfing Harness capable of adapting to every move.


  • Adaptive Skin

Made from a soft and flexible material that allows a maximum range of movement while giving a great feeling of freedom

  • Hardshell

A unique rigid arch that prevents the harness from collapsing under high pressure

  • Adaptive Shell

State of the art Manera tech that perfectly combines Adaptive Skin with Harshell to provide a mode functional and responsive structure, that can adapt perfectly to your body and movements

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