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F-One Bandit S3 Kite

F-One Bandit S3 Kite

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The F-One Bandit S3 is a high performance kitesurfing kite. This kite comes with a 4 or 5 line setup where you can decide whether you want less tangling in your lines, or an easier relaunch on the water due to the 5th line. When buying this kite, you will also get a bag and a quick start guide.

  • With the Delta C-shape, you get more canopy area in the midsection for great depower while the C-shape ensures the kite's responsiveness
  • The Reactor Valve is F-One's system for fast inflation and deflation
  • Having the Auto Relaunch tech incorporated gives you a fast and easy water re-launch
  • With the Force frame you get a strong skeleton structure
  • The Technoforce polyester fabric in combination with a high tension yarn increases the longevity of your kite due to the tear-stopping structure

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