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F-One Bandit 2021 Kite

F-One Bandit 2021 Kite

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The F-One Bandit is a high performance kitesurfing kite. This kite comes with a 4 line setup which creates less line tangling when setting up and makes it easier to recover from a kite inversion. When buying this kite, you will also get a bag.

  • With the Delta C-shape, you get more canopy area in the midsection for great depower while the C-shape ensures the kite's responsiveness
  • The Reactor Valve is F-One's system for fast inflation and deflation
  • Having the Auto Relaunch tech incorporated gives you a fast and easy water re-launch
  • With the Force frame you get a strong skeleton structure
  • The Technoforce polyester fabric in combination with a high tension yarn increases the longevity of your kite due to the tear-stopping structure
  • Thanks to the Flat Sewing technique your canopy will be more rip resistant, by having the panels glued and sewn together
  • With the Streamline Leading Edge and Tips your kite will have reduced drag and you will be able to avoid bridle tangling
  • The vertical strut cut design optimizes the strength/diameter ratio of your kite
  • Abrasion resistant Kevlar fabric is sewn in the leading edge of the kite to protect the seams and reduce their stress from aggressive ground friction
  • With one pump collar valve, replacing the bladder is easier
  • The Spider Bridle is based on a revolutionary new concept in bridle design that allows the kite to maximize power in high wind and improve flying characteristics
  • The Teijin 130G Dacron Ripstop material is super strong and light at the same time
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