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Manera Eclipse Harness

Manera Eclipse Harness

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Go for the Eclipse Waist Kitesurfing Harness and enjoy a lightweight and stiff harness that will stay in place will shredding the waters

This is the result of the development team at Manera having focused on ergonomics and support for the avid kitesurfers - The Eclipse. It utilises three main technologies that will help you comfortably and precisely through great sessions - Adaptive Shell, Gel Foam, and the Tuck Flap. It is the tightest fitting harness from Manera offering a huge gulp of freedom of movement.

Tech Features:

  • The adaptive shell shades in stiffness from hard in the centre and softer towards the edges bringing excellent lumbar support and preventing it from folding and compressing your body
  • The Gel Foam will allow you to shred until you are done without having to stop due to uncomfortable gear - It has a pillow-like comfort and helps disperse energy evenly
  • The Down Hold system is there to keep the harness in place - Exactly where you want it to be without it riding up mid-session, which is made possible with an asymmetrical attachment that disperses energy downwards
  • The Tuck Flap enhances the "Down Hold" system and helps keep your harness down so once you're strapped in the flaps will be compressed and locked in stiffening the connection between harness and buckle
  • The neoprene waist belt gets you close to the harness without any discomfort
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